Samir is very dedicated and committed to evolving his training sessions by constantly challenging himself to always be at the forefront of new and exciting developments in the soccer world. He is continuously studying games and players to create sessions that are exclusively customized for the individual in order to maximize their growth. New players are encouraged to start with a private lesson so Samir Badr can evaluate their game and engineer sessions specific to the player and give detailed feedback to the player.


Email for additional times, available by appointment!


Private training is the total, most complete approach, to achieve targeted results in specific areas for players looking to take their game to the next level. Private Training allows Samir to customize sessions and connect with a player, one-on-one, to push them beyond their limits.

Sessions are crafted with tempo, teachings, and loaded with technical repetition. Samir assesses players in detail and provides tailored constructive direction for improvement in the way he feels is most effective for that individual player. Private training is for players that are serious about achieving results, dominating their position and perfecting a variety of techniques.

Samir’s sessions are creative and fresh, at times decorated with a variety of training tools (e.g., weight vests, resistance bands, obstacles, etc.), to recreate the challenges of a live game situation.