The SB Goalkeeping Classes is a brand new way of approaching this position. Samir spends a lot of time studying different game situations and creatively thinking of how he can recreate those situations for his goalkeepers. 

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“When planning a goalkeeping session I take everything into consideration. I enjoy the creative part of planning the session.” - SB

SB Goalkeeping Classes Include..

I usually start with throwing every important attribute of a goalkeeping session on the table. Some examples of those attributes are: 

  • Repetition: repetition often varies from exercise to exercise. Sometimes i want to give my goalkeepers a lot of reps to gain comfort and confidence and increase the muscle memory of that drill. Other exercises I could decide to give them less reps so goalkeepers give more attention and care to the few reps they have. 

  • Tempo and Intensity: usually the session is constructed with fast pace tempo and high intensity. I often dont want to give the goalkeepers too much down time between sets to test the duration they can be locked in and focused and increase their ability to be fully engaged and concentrated in a 90 minute game. 

  • Recreation of Game Situations: at SB SOCCER we have state of the art equipment that is used to recreate a game situation in the SB SOCCER GK training.  

After laying down the base of the session, Samir gathers all feedback, clips, and game video from parents and goalkeepers making sure that he covers areas goalkeepers might have struggled with over the weekend and combining that with his knowledge and continued plan of progression for each goalkeeper.

Sample Session

SB SOCCER GK sessions always begins with various handling drills with high repetition to warm up and start the session and ends with a fun and intense competitive exercise. The core time of the session usually is allocated for very specific techniques such as:

  • Taking crosses in traffic

  • Divining high and using the top hand

  • Reactions 

  • Pushing hips through your dive 

  • Bottom hand full extended and properly shaped on low dives

Samir Badr’s Philosophy       

Samir often tells his players and goalkeepers “you should never have a more challenging and intense game/training then you do with me.” Its likely unlikely that the Goalkeepers are going to face anything more difficult than they see day in, day in the SB SOCCER GK classes. This helps build confidence and give the goalkeepers the ability to deal with shots and other parts of the game at a slower pace then they are used to. 

Goalkeeping to me has always been a tough mental and physical battle. Samir Badr challenges his goalkeepers both Mentally and Physically. Sessions often include intense movement and diving to deal with the decorated service and pace of shots provided only by Samir in the SB GK Classes. 

What’s different about SB Goalkeeping Classes?

1. Samir’s ability to recreate service. Very few players in the world are able to serve a ball like Samir and young goalkeepers dont have access to someone who can provide them with quality repetition and consistently serve the ball with pace and accuracy like Samir. Samir was very well known for his ability to hit a ball through his professional career. 

2. Samir Badr was a professional goalkeeper for the U.S. Mens National Team and one of the top European soccer clubs in the world FC PORTO. Samir brings much high level experience to help goalkeepers mentally, technically, physically and tactically.   

3. Samir creates a challenging but fun session with exciting new exercises to keep the goalkeepers motivated, inspired, confident, and well prepared for their games on the weekend! And allows follows up and welcomes feedback from all his players and goalkeepers on their games!

Consistently studying the position and having trained and played in 6 different continents allows Samir to provide different philosophies and decorated sessions that he has gathered throughout his career.